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Social Media 312 is a full-service Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency servicing Chicago, Illinois. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with an array of online digital marketing services.

With over 3 million people residing within the city walls of Chicago, Illinois, everyone is interconnected from the consumer to the local business down the street. Two words bring people together in this current climate, social media.

With the category in our name, Social Media 312 has a dedicated staff of digital marketing experts with knowledge in creating and optimizing the very best digital marketing campaigns to help you grow your company and your profits. Providing local Chicago companies services like SEO (search engine optimization), PPC, web design & development, social media, email marketing, content creation and development, and everything marketing.

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Chicago is a city that stands on its own merits, but getting ranked at the top of search engines is no small task. Social Media 312 SEO experts are skilled and tactical when it comes to getting your company the results it needs and deserves. However, we view digital marketing services as a means to an end. That’s why we always spend the time to get to know you and your company’s mission, year-end goals, and marketing objectives so that our team of specialized marketing experts can meet and exceed your company’s digital marketing expectations.

Working with a multi-national digital marketing agency like Social Media 312 provides your brand with an array of great benefits and advantages. We have built and maintain strong relationships with some of the most influential socialites in the city so that we’re always first to hear about the latest trends. Be sure to check us out today for your Digital Marketing and Social Media , SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Influencer Marketing, Website Development, Shopify Development, Mobile App Development needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what content to share?

All of your posts should revolve around what the social media platform is about. For example, posting a video on Facebook may not be as popular as posting the video on YouTube. This is because people who want to watch videos naturally go to video-sharing platforms instead.

How often you should post?

How often you post should also revolve around the social media platform and what it’s used for. Take LinkedIn, for example. It’s a social networking platform that is considered to be more professional than Facebook. Therefore, any business updates and announcements here will be appropriate to share at any time and as many as needed.

Which social media should you have?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions that new business owners have on their minds. Because there are so many to choose from, the best answer is to start with the social media platform you are most familiar with. Then, as you progress, you will gain enough experience to know how to expand your social media presence on other platforms.

What are keywords?

Keywords are a very important feature of search engine optimization. When you pick certain keywords to add into your content, such as blog posts, for example, these are what search engines will remember. Then, when visitors type these keywords in search bars of search engines, your blog posts or webpages that contain these keywords will appear on the search engine list.

How often do seo algorithms change?

The hardest thing about SEO is not so much competing with your competitors who are also utilizing SEO. The hardest part is to stay up to date with search engine algorithms. How often search engines change their methods of ranking depends on the search engine platform. Google, for example, have become more unpredictable with their algorithms and change so often that they only mention their major changes.

where can you advertise your ppc ads?

You can practically place your PCC ads on any platform or website at your choosing. Provided, of course, that the website or platform agrees or approves to show your ad. However, many businesses choose specific websites or platforms that have relevance to what they’re advertising. This is so that they can have a greater chance of getting clicks.

How much are the fees of PPC?

The fee you pay-per-click on your ads will also depend on your agreement with the platform or third-party website. With Google, for example, the charge is typically $1 or $2. But, Google does have a deal that if your ad gets enough clicks, they will lower their fees. You should also consider how long you want to display your advertisement for as this will add to your PPC marketing cost.