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Web Design & Development

As the face of your brand and the welcome mat to your home, your website presence is the very first impression that your prospects and customers use to determine your value.

It is by far the most important front facing component in the business world today, and the bull horn that you use to announce everything from company offers to exciting updates and special promotions. Look, we’ve all been to that party, the one where the host forgot to order the right food, set out enough drinks and expressed a lack of understanding for the guest list he was trying to cater.

Your website represents you, your brand and your company’s values. A sloppy and unwelcoming site is an open invitation to the outside world that you could care less about their business and their money.

Luckily, at Social Media 312, we know how to create some incredible parties and hosting these sorts of bashes is our forte.


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From logos to landing pages and everything in between, Social Media 312 web design and development experts will work with you hand-in-hand and craft a website that is sure to be the talk of your industry and set you apart from your competition.

Developing a user experience that allows for your users to receive the sort of value and content they’re looking for is very important. This ensures that your website and its content get new visitors and return visitors constantly.

Whether you’re looking for UI/UX, HTML, CSS Development, Blog Design, RSS Integration, Social Media Integration, Content Development, Website maintenance, the team at Social Media 312 have all the right skills to get the job done.

A proper website should take into consideration everything from webpage layout, content production to graphic design. Too often web design companies do not take into consideration the direction and feel their clients are going for, that causes for a very general and broad web identity. This is the last thing a company should strive for when trying to become the number one provider in their industry.

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A great website consists of an assortment of important aspects that should never be missed.

Headlines, a statement that within a matter of seconds should tell the visitor what the site has to offer. Sub-headlines, this is a brief description of what you do. Primary calls-to-action, the goals of CTA’s are to convince the user to want to dive deeper into the website and should move them through the funnel. Primary and supporting imagery is intended to be compelling.

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All websites require what is known as indexation. For search engines to rank your website as relevant online, they must understand your site and is absolutely crucial that they can read the content provided on your web pages. Relevant content placed within the structure of your site will benefit you far better than an overbearing collection of photos or videos.

To be clear, we are not stating that visual appeal is not important when designing or developing a website. However, the use of images, videos, content formats like PDF can be a valuable medium in improving your sites search engine traffic.

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